What do you want your customers to think, to feel and to do?

This is how we start every project – helping you define who you’re talking to, how you want them to respond and where and when is best to talk with them.

Our approach combines smart strategy, bold creativity and expert production to create a unique story that connects with the people that matter to you and drives change. Whether that’s to buy, to book, to understand or to believe, our solutions are designed to motivate behaviour and help you make your mark.

About Us

Our team

Made up of a few Kiwis, an American, some Hawke’s Bay OGs and imports, we’ve carefully collected a crew of exceptionally nice people who are all experts in their disciplines.

About Us

Drone services

Drones seem to be all the rage these days right? Every video has a drone shot in it. We’re a little different, we only use drones very intentionally and helps move the story along. Saying that however, we also have a fleet of 4 different drones and hold a Part 102 certificate, so when we do need to use drones; we can operate them professionally, cinematically and safely every time.

What we do


We’re great believers in listening, understanding and asking the right questions. That helps us get to the heart of your brand to help tell your story and get the responses from your audience that you’re after. We pride ourselves in knowing our customers back to front and being able to get into the head of your audience.

Knowing your audience is vital. Being certain about who they are, what kind of content they consume and how you want them to respond is essential to creating a successful video. With a solid strategy and clearly defined goals, measuring the success of a campaign is easy. We ensure that our strategy is bang on up front to make your video work as hard as it needs to.

What we do


To produce content that gets results you need fresh ideas that are on brand, designed for a specific audience and have purpose. The media landscape is saturated – it’s noisy out there – and it can be hard to achieve cut through on any platform. That’s where creativity comes in. With strategy firmly in place, we can write a script that engages with your audience and helps them understand the message you need to get across.

We know that people make decisions based on emotion and justify with logic afterwards. Telling your story in emotionally compelling and interesting ways is key to getting your audience to sit, watch and understand the video, no matter how long it is. We’re skilled in crafting captivating videos from fifteen seconds to five minutes and longer.

What we do


Engaging animation can elevate your video above the rest. It can help to tell a story, accentuate details, distil information and to finesse. Animation is a great medium for getting complex or technical messaging across very easily.

There are many styles from illustrative hand-drawn and infographic through to character and full 3D animation at the high-end. Every style adds something different to the message you’re trying to convey. Our multidisciplinary animators are highly skilled. We have a team of amazing illustrators we collaborate with or we can work with your own designers.

What we do


We always say it’s not about the gear, it’s about the person using it. That said, having the right gear certainly makes things easier. From our cinema cameras that help us capture everything at the highest quality through to our energy-efficient LED lighting and selection of lenses, we have the equipment needed to make your videos look amazing.

Our focus has always been creating beautiful, cinematic videos. We invest in new equipment and training to ensure that focus remains sharp. And if we don’t have the gear in house we have the knowledge and supplier relationships with rental houses around New Zealand to source any specialist equipment we need.

What we do


We’re proud to announce that we’re a rockin’ Part 102 certified organisation! We’ve got three kickass UAV pilots who know their drones inside out. Our drone lineup includes the versatile Inspire 2 for complex tracking shots and stunning image quality, the nimble Mavic Pro 2 for indoor flights, and a couple of FPV drones for thrilling unique perspectives. 

What we do


A video can live or die in post-production. It’s at this stage in the process where we take all the beautiful footage we’ve shot in production and create something watchable out of it. A good editor is a true craftsman and can transform nearly any footage into a masterpiece.

Post production also includes colour grading, graphics and sound design. We have the experts in our team along with the facilities to give your video the finishing touches it needs to get noticed by the people that matter.

What we do

Colour Grading

Because we film with high-end cinema cameras, ironically the raw footage comes out quite flat and desaturated. This helps give us the most amount of information to work with through the colour grading process. Colour grading is sort of like photoshop for video, it’s where we create contrast and a visual style on the footage. Bring up certain colours and bring down others.

The colour grading process makes all the footage pop and come to life, and because we have all the information there, we’re able to manipulate things to look the best that can.

Health + Safety

Safety’s not just ticking a few boxes and filling in a few forms. It’s a mindset and a culture. And we feel proud to say we feel like we have the right mix.

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