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Hazard’s our middle name.
Safety’s our game.

Okay, Hazard isn’t really our middle name but we wanted to see if you’d read this far…and safety, well it’s much more than a game at Indelible. Health and safety is very important to us as it should be with any business. We’re committed to creating a safe workplace for all our team and ensuring we have a good safety and reporting culture.

The film industry has unique challenges and when we couldn’t find any software to fit with the work we do, we created some health and safety software to manage the hazards on all of our shoots. Rather than creating site specific safety plans (as we may only be on site for an hour or so) we focus on job hazard assessments for every job we do.

We work closely with our clients to make sure any hazards are mitigated. We’re proud of our health and safety policies and procedures, which are designed to actually keep people safe on site, rather than just ticking boxes.

There is a lot more to operating drones safely than meets the eye. We hold a current part 102 certificate from the CAA which essentially means we’ve created a full SOP manual that guides all our drone operations, and CAA is happy with that and has given us additional permissions to operate in areas that other drone pilots are not allowed to. It also means we’re required to follow a rigorus maintainance and training programme including annual currency testing.

We are also Sitewise green approved.

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