A Kiwi, a Yank and an animator
walk into a bar.

How you start your story is important right? Ours started a decade or two ago but you’re not here for a history lesson. We’ll jump straight to today – a misfit team of experienced creatives that love innovating and telling stories in new ways. Made up of a few Kiwis, an American, some Hawke’s Bay OGs and imports, we’ve carefully collected a crew of exceptionally nice people who are all experts in their disciplines. We work together to create video and photography that’s extremely powerful and effective. We love to collaborate and are genuinely inspired by the people we’re privileged to meet and work with.

Strategist | Director

Dan Browne

Founder, owner and director of Indelible, Dan is equally comfortable behind and in front of the lens, as well as devising smart strategy and innovative approaches for all clients. A dedicated filmmaker since 2008, Dan has concepted, shot and directed documentaries and a diverse range of videos for hundreds of companies around New Zealand and abroad. A real connector, Dan is passionate about the Hawke’s Bay business community and seeing the local economy thrive.

Rides an electric scooter to work / Became a filmmaker because of Harry Potter / VR fanboy / On a few boards / Loves food, business and strategy.

Phone: +64 (0)21 077 3820 | Email: [email protected]

Business Development Manager

Hamish Webber

Nurturing client relationships and developing new opportunities comes naturally to our business development manager Hamish. Having worked for a series of iconic businesses in Hawke’s Bay, Hamish brings a range of skills from operations and logistics through to client management, communication and production management. But perhaps most importantly, Hamish brings good humour, empathy and understanding to our team and all Indelible projects.

Mountain biking | from Nelson | Loves a triple shot mocha | Vertically challenged | Colourful shirts

Phone: +64 (0)21 224 7207 | Email: [email protected]

Director of Photography | Editor

Andy Browne

Our director of photography, Andy has an amazing cinematic eye and the technical knowledge to coordinate the exact equipment needed for any style of shoot. An integral part of the Indelible team since 2015, Andy moves seamlessly from cinematography to stills photography and to editing. Hands-on and a visionary, Andy knows how to translate concepts into practical lighting set ups and technical rigging, and is constantly experimenting with different gear to achieve unique looks and styles.

Owns a toy poodle | Recently become a gym junkie | Superwine is the biscuit of choice | Earl grey is the way to go

Phone: +64 (0)27 873 5355 | Email: [email protected]

Director | Writer | Editor

Kelli Greene Caldwell

Writer and director, Kelli is passionate about storytelling and believes the right story at the right moment can change everything for a business. Kelli started her career writing and producing documentaries where she honed her skills relaxing on-screen talent while asking the hard questions to uncover interesting human answers. Working across may different styles, Kelli helps to keep Indelible’s work fresh and unique.

American and sorry about it / Changed accent at age 12 / Lover of CrossFit, story and Atticus the dog

Phone: +64 (0)27 286 8815 | Email: [email protected]


Caroline Biddles

Combining a love for storytelling with her organisational and communication skills, Caroline discovered her dream job in television production back in 2001. Since then, she’s helped to bring a broad range of creative ideas to life, producing a range of television commercials, photography shoots and brand videos. On land, underwater, in the air, animals, children, pyrotechnics, drones and stunts – you name it – Caroline’s coordinated it with detail, enthusiasm and professionalism.

Caroline’s fierce on the Badminton court | Loves her family, good food and her garden

Phone: +64 (0)22 078 9616 | Email: [email protected]

Camera Operator/Photographer

Damon Hyland

A skilful and creative camera operator, Damon is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker who’s passionate about using visual storytelling to inspire and spark positive change. Damon has travelled the globe as a filmmaker and
photographer, and created pivotal films while in South Africa including short narratives featuring prominent figures such as Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and Gary Player, and over 100 films celebrating the ingenuity and resilience of
everyday South Africans, called Beautiful News. We’re stoked to have Damon as part of the Indelible team.

Passionate about making a difference / Surf / Learning new things / Going to start exercising on Monday

Phone: +64 (0)22 189 4634 | Email: [email protected]

About Us

Our talented partners

James Hudson


An award-winning director, editor and producer, James has more than 25 years of experience creating television commercials and digital content for leading brands and creative agencies. Passionate about story and strategy, James knows how to create engaging content that achieves positive results.

Michael Lloyd

Audio Engineer

With a long career in music production, engineering and sound design, Michael has an expert ear and creative intuition for perfect sound. After many years in United Kingdom, Michael moved to New Zealand where he works in music, radio and television production. He’s a sound mixer for Shortland Street and he’s produced three number one singles in NZ music. And when he’s no doing all of that, he takes good care of sound design for Indelible projects.

Erin Woolhouse


With a keen eye for colour, Erin has a unique skill for refining the look across any visual project to help convey tone and feeling. Erin’s CV is impressive, including a range of feature films such as Mortal Engines, The Hobbit and What We Do in the Shadows. She brings her expertise and flair to all of Indelible’s video production

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