Waitangi Regional Park

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

Categories: Government

Director/Drone Camera Operator:Dan Browne

Camera/Editor/Colourist:Andrew Browne

Sound:Michael Lloyd

Drone Pilot:Tim Whittaker

Voice Over:William Winitana

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council were after an aspirational video to tell the story of the Waitangi Regional Park, ideally to be used as a springboard for funding applications.

The Waitangi Regional Park currently gets used as a public rubbish dump with people dropping off their garden/personal waste there, and driving cars all over the land ruining the grass. The plan is around turning this area (from near the Awatoto fertiliser works, all the way through to Haumoana) into a beautiful planted space with stunning walkways and bird viewing area.

We teamed up with our good friend Tim Whittaker to capture all the beautiful drone material, which proved tricky in some parts! We went out on the Voyaging Trust Waka and shot a whole load of material out at sea due to the Voyaging Trusts link to the celestial compass installation that will be going into the regional park. But being way out at sea and taking off with the drone from the Waka certainly had Tim panicking a few times! Thankfully we managed to get some beautiful material there.

We can’t wait to see the regional park finished! Read more about the plan here.