Safetree – How to – Upset Conditions


Categories: Government

Director / Camera / Editor:Mark Radley

Camera :Dan Browne

Camera 2:Ben Firman

Project Manager:James Treadwell

Script Writer:Lee-Ann Duncan

Creative:George Williams

Crew Owner:Mark McCarthy

Talent:Wiremu Edmonds

Sound:Michael Lloyd

“Safetree’s message is that safety doesn’t stop with someone else further up the chain; keeping safe is everyone’s responsibility, including you.”

This is the big message that the new forestry safety initiative, Safetree, wants to get across. The forestry industry is an important one in New Zealand, but in recent years has been dogged by tragedy and statistics of death and injury that could no longer be ignored. ACC and the Forestry Owners Association got together and have launched ‘Safetree’ that will become the one-stop-shop for New Zealand’s forestry industry. Safetree brings all the safety information that’s out there into one point, so if someone wants to know how to do something safely, the can access it immediately.

This was shoot two for Safetree and Indelible – head back a bit in the videos to check out the incredibly well received videos we made for them a few months ago for their launch! The team at Safetree are really, really serious about getting the message out – YOU are the key for keeping you and your crewmen safe out in the forest. This time around we focused on different safety hazards in the industry, and how to deal with the situations when they arise. We filmed again with the Mangoihe Logging crew up in Wanganui, a team who mindfully work each day in difficult conditions to keep one another safe. We really take our hats off to these guys, the conditions are tough but they make it look easy! The awesome Wiremu again presented and voiced these videos, a guy who speaks from personal experience and tragedy, now working day and night to ensure others are kept safe.