3R Group

Script Writer/Producer/Editor:Tereze Taber

Camera/Colourist/Producer:Andrew Browne

Creative Director/Graphics:Mark Radley

B Camera:Dan Browne

Sound:Michael Lloyd

Drone Pilot:Tim Whittaker

Our earth is running out of and using more resources than it can sustain. These days, we all need to be better stewards of our planet and committed to using the earth’s resources more responsibly. So Imagine if there was a better way? 3R Group are all about reducing the environmental impact of a product over its lifetime, at any stage. They develop programmes to recycle or responsibly dispose of used products and packaging, solve specific waste issues for businesses, and run industry-wide projects looking at disposal and recycling over the life of a product.

3R came to us wanting to represent their company in an easy to understand video, cataloguing the many different areas in which they are helping to make human impact on this planet better. This was our first venture into script writing, so seeing a whole video come to life from script to production to final product was pretty cool! And if you watch the video, you’ll surely be inspired to give these guys a call and find out how you can turn waste into opportunity.