Poutiri Ao ō Tāne

Department of Conservation

Categories: Government

Director/Editor:Kelli Caldwell

Camera/Colourist:Dan Browne

Production Coordinator:Alix Limondin

People with vision. That’s how the world is changed, when men and women see a need and pour their passion, skill, time and energy into making it better. And in the region of Maungaharuru-Tutira catchment area, this vision is alive and working hard to bring a part of native New Zealand back to life again.

Poutiri Ao ō Tāne is a unique  ecological and social restoration project, bringing together groups of both skills and unskilled people united in their vision to see native flora, fauna and species brought back into the area. From DoC workers to school children, the project is working hard to establish native habitats restored and thriving through a collaboration between agencies and communities.

Indelible were lucky enough to visit the Poutiri Ao ō Tāne project and film these wildlife warriors in action. There were some really outstanding parts of the projects: not only seeing native New Zealand environments being brought back from the brink, and species who have not lived in the region for a long time returned, but also seeing the next generation armed with a passion and knowledge for the native environment. New Zealand is a treasure trove of natural beauty, and this unique project is striving to protect and foster it.