Suzi’s Story


Editor:Tereze Taber

DOP:Andrew Browne

Director:Dan Browne

In anyone’s community, there are certain people who are like pillars. Reliable, generous, kind, personable and constant, they remind you that there are definitely still good humans in this world. Well, Suzi Merson is one of those people.

Having moved to Havelock North 20 years ago with husband Rick, they raised their 3 children there, started the shop Edges Art + Framing and became the family everyone knows and cherishes.

So when Suzi was in a terrible head-on collision in February 2017, losing her leg and sustaining several other major injuries, the community stood up and said, “Let’s give back”. Indelible was approached by the Hawke’s Bay Community Fundraisers (Gang of Four) to make a promo video for a fundraiser auction, Framed for Suzi Art Auction, but when we met and interviewed the family, the video took on a life of its own. Here’s Suzi’s story, in the heartfelt, funny, sad, and ultimately beautiful words of this tight-knit family.