Splash Planet – Ride Videos

Hastings District Council

Categories: Tourism

Director/Camera/Editor:Dan Browne

Production Coordinator:Tereze Taber

Assistant Director:Mark Radley

Assistant Camera:Ben Firman

Splash Planet is a popular theme park in Hastings, New Zealand. We’ve been creating television commercials for Splash for the last few years, but this year they wanted to create some ride videos!

This meant creating short 15 second video snippets of every ride in their park to mainly be utilised on their website. Having these videos on their site means that any visitors to the park can hype themselves up getting a feel for what all the rides might actually be like. You get such a better feeling for the rides by watching them in motion that just through photographs and so that was the motivation behind this piece. To engage, excite, and have sharable material that could last as long as the rides.

The videos are all on Splash Planet’s YouTube channel also where you can see the amount of views they all get also, which is proof of Splash Planet’s for familiesĀ in Hawke’s Bay and across the country.