Sea Life in a Whole New Light

Napier City Council

Categories: Television Commercial, Tourism

Director:Mark Radley

Director of Photography:Dan Browne

Production Coordinator:Tereze Taber

Underwater Camera:Kane Grundy

Grip/2nd Camera:Ben Firman

Makeup/hair:Vania Bailey

Concept/Script:Nigel Richardson/Steve Cooper

Voice Over:Rachel House

Talent:Morgan Clark

Talent:Mikel OConnell

Talent:Sam Walker

Talent:Peter and Evelyn Shipp

Talent:Bayley Kerr

It’s a whole other world at the National Aquarium, where you’ll find the majority of the population doesn’t have arms and legs, but rather fins and flippers! And we want you to come and experience it for yourself, to SEA life in a whole new light….see what we did there?!

It was a pretty cool experience doing not only the television commercial, but a whole lot of videos for the NAQ website – we had divers, underwater cameras and fish feeders on board with our usual crew, making for a really interesting day. From an uncooperative octopus, to acrobatic alligators, cute little rescued penguins and pregnant male seahorses, we not only got a little wet but we learned a lot about this amazing and diverse underwater world.

Go check it out for yourselves at the National Aquarium of New Zealand in Napier!