Safetree – You Are The Key (Promo Vid)


Categories: Government

Director:Dan Browne

First Assistant Director:Mark Radley

Camera/Grip:Ben Firman

Production Manager:James Treadwell

Production Assistant:Tereze Taber

Script Writer:Lee-Ann Duncan

Creative:George Williams

Crew Owner:Mark McCarthy

Talent:Wiremu Edmonds

Drone Pilot:Shaun Mitchell

“Safetree’s message is that safety doesn’t stop with someone else further up the chain; keeping safe is everyone’s responsibility, including you.”

This is the big message that the new forestry safety initiative, Safetree, wants to get across. The forestry industry is an important one in New Zealand, but in recent years has been dogged by tragedy and statistics of death and injury that could no longer be ignored. ACC and the Forestry Owners Association got together and have launched ‘Safetree’ that will become the one-stop-shop for New Zealand’s forestry industry. Safetree brings all the safety information that’s out there into one point, so if someone wants to know how to do something safely, the can access it immediately.

Indelible were brought on board to not only produce these ‘how-to’ videos in a creative, connected way, but also tell the integrated story of Wiremu Edmonds, who tragically lost his son Robert in a forestry accident. Wiremu fronts these videos and we were all touched by his story and the courage his family shows in fighting for a safer industry for all involved. It was early mornings and long days on top of high mountains with the Mangoihe Logging Crew, who certainly showed us what tough and fit really means! They could run up the side of a hill much faster than we could, let’s just put it that way…

As a starting point, Safetree focuses on logging, targeting information directly at forest owners and managers, contractors, foremen, head breaker outs, breaker outs, tree fallers, and hauler and machine operators. The Safetree slogan is ‘You are the Key’, which means everyone is responsible for keeping everyone else safe, whether you are the forest owner sitting off-site, the foreman directing the crew, or the breaker outs down the slope. This video is the first in a series as the Safetree toolbox is built up, and was shown at the Forestry Industry Safety Summit in Rotorua in February 2015.