Rescue Helicopter Promo 2015

Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter Service

Director/Camera:Dan Browne

Editor/Production Coordinator:Tereze Taber

Pilot:Jeremy Bruce

Clinical Nurse Manager:Stef Boston

Pilot :Charlie Beetham

Fundraising Manager:Louise Harvey

Crewman:Geoff Taylor

The Hawke’s Bay Rescue Helicopter Trust is a charitable trust established to provide a dedicated Rescue Helicopter Service to the Hawke’s Bay region. Each year the Rescue Helicopter Crew assists in over 300 missions helping those who need urgent medical care and transportation. Indelible are a huge supporter of this amazing service and team!

We recently put together this video for their annual Cocktail Party appeal auction. It was really incredible to see the skill that the team has and how closely they all work together to save lives. Landing on the helipad at Wellington Hospital was definitely not something we do everyday! Well done to the incredible team at the Rescue Helicopter Trust…keep doing what you’re doing!