Make Believe

AD Architecture

Camera/Director/Editor:Dan Browne

Writer/Co-Director/Production Coordinator:Tereze Taber

Camera Assistant:Charlie Hollings

Voice Talent:Champa Maciel

AD Architecture were after a video that showcased their creativity, was engaging, and a little different. Showcasing AD Architecture as architects that think differently.

We put our thinking hats on, and this is what we came up with.

This concept is all about the pure creativity of children. When children create there are no boundaries. They think outside of the box because there is no box. Their imagination is pure, fresh and innocent. And this is the feeling we wanted to create with this video, in the context of AD Architecture.

Instead of being a firm who offers a client rules and regulations, we want to remind the viewer that AD Architecture are creators and crafters. There is a feeling of enchantment to appeal to the childhood memories we all have of being creative.

This video is all about the architects, not the architecture. People don’t buy houses, they buy how the house makes them feel. The scenes are in the context of the architecture, but they aren’t about the architecture. And that is what led us to this piece.