LWTS Pledge Me Video

Liquid Waste Treatment Systems

Director / Camera / Editor:Mark Radley

Camera / Colourist:Dan Browne

Writer/Vocals:Ben Fagan

Talent:Kea Radley-Lianne

Talent:Nikau Radley-Lianne

If we are going to talk about Pollution, why not do it with Poetry?

This was Indelible’s first collaborative venture with noted Wellington poet Ben Fagan, who wrote an original piece of prose for the Liquid Waste Treatment Solutions Pledge Me video. Hearing Ben talk about our legacy of clean, clear waters being all clogged up…well, it makes any kiwi kid who grew up swinging from tyre swings into waterholes just want to go out and donate to LWTS’s great cause of cleaning up Aotearoa’s waterways!

We really love this video as it has a great authentic kiwi feel to it. Watch it and re-live your childhood!