Little & Big Lumsden

Lumsden Kindergarten

Categories: Education

Director/Camera:Dan Browne

Editor:Kelli Green Caldwell

Sound Mix:Michael Lloyd

Creative:George Williams

Welcome to Lumsden Kindergarten, Where little people learn big things!

Sometimes in our job here at Indelible, we get to do really fun stuff, like be kids for a day! This shoot was all about capturing the day in the life of a little kid at Lumsden, and boy, did it look fun. Their specialist teachers work together to support the children’s learning at their own pace, foster their well-being and guide them to play together in safe and supportive ways. Between the play area, the baking and the cool learning, we didn’t want to leave! If you want a beautiful, safe and forward thinking kindergarten for your precious kids to go to, look no further than Lumsden!