High Performance Workplace Initiative

Hastings District Council

Categories: Government

Director/Editor:Kelly Brown

Camera:Dan Browne

Production Coordinator:Tereze Taber

The High Performance Work Initiative – if you’re a small to medium sized business wanting to do better at what you do, press the play button! Hastings District Council is a facilitator of the HPWI (an initiative of the Department of Labor), which is part of a drive to lift New Zealand’s productivity and provide practical support to firms wanting to introduce High Performance Working (HPW) practices.

Hastings District Council has experienced great success with the initiative and wanted to tell the stories of some of the stand-out businesses who had signed up to the program.

The 10 minute video profiled three businesses who had seen growth, productivity and employee engagement borne out of its partnership with the HPWI consultants assigned to their company. It is a great way to see how business is growing in the Bay, at a high standard, with passionate employees. And also, how asking for a little help can take you a long way.