Experience the Express

Hawke's Bay Express

Categories: Tourism

Camera/Director/Editor/Colourist:Dan Browne

Production Coordinator:Tereze Taber

2nd Unit Camera/Grip:Ben Firman

1st AC/Grip:Andrew Browne

Makeup Artist:Vania Bailey

Creative Advisor/Writer:Mark Radley

Concept Development:Nigel Richardson

Hero Talent:Kathryn & Neil

Helidrone:Tim Whittaker

In all her custom designed splendour, with velvet covered cushioned seats, generously spacious carriages for comfort, truly tall windows tempting you to admire the abundant decorative detail of the city’s rich period architecture, the Express will take you on your journey in style.

As the bell rings and the whistle blows, you’ll feel yourself transported back to a time when first-class meant swing music, polished wooden floors and crimson-tasseled curtains. This modern road train feels every bit like an old-fashioned steam engine, with the romantic atmosphere straight out of the opulent Art Deco era.

Krysia and Will have been ideal clients for the whole journey. Krysia first met with us back in February asking us to create an intimate video that features the Hawke’s Bay Express without being traditionally sales-ey. We decided to follow a couple onto the Express, enjoying the magic, taking in the scenery and enjoying the tour.

As the couple hop on, they magically transform into art deco clothing and you film buffs may have noticed the aspect ratio change from 1.77 to 2.35 to heighten the cinematic magic.