Don’t Drop the Ball


Categories: Education

Director/Editor:Mark Radley

A Camera/Colourist:Andrew Browne

B Camera Operator/Grip:Charlie Hollings

Grip: Skylah Rewi

“The journey to success – the route to education is bitter, but the fruit is sweet”. If there’s a group of people who understand this line in the video, it’s the Magpies. Blood, sweat, tears, training until their bodies ache, all for the glory of the crowd, the win, the fans. Filming this video, we saw the guys at work – and believe us, you don’t get into that kind of physical condition without 100% commitment!

EIT is a proud supporter of the Hawke’s Bay Magpies, and you know why? Because not only do they train hard on the rugby field, they also train hard in the classroom. While a career in rugby is the dream of many young men, this group of guys also understands that an education means success off the rugby field as well. Accident, injury or one of life’s other curve balls can put a stop to a rugby career pretty quickly, and the Magpies have all ensured their success by making sure they’re trained in another field as well. Don’t drop the ball – make sure you secure your own future by studying at EIT.