Are You One Of Them Or One Of Us?

Hawke's Bay Business Mentors

Categories: Government

Director/Editor:Kelly Brown

Camera:Andrew Browne

Grip:Jonathan Harry

Graphics:Mark Radley

You know the ones…they’re giving you advice on how to run your business while ignoring the bills piling up on their desks. They are too busy for customer service and then wonder where their clients are. They think ¬†meetings are best done over several rounds of drinks discussing golf swings, not business. Or perhaps, you’re just stuck in a rut in your own business and you don’t quite know how to get out. The Business Mentors Program believes it has the answers to help you and your company take a leap forward into growing success. Taking a leaf out of its own book, the BMP has become the leading business mentor service provider in the country for small to medium sized businesses.

To celebrate its success, particularly in the Hawke’s Bay, the BPM wanted to make an informative, but also humorous, video to tell the story of what makes the companies that partner with the program so successful. It profiled three local businesses of varying sizes, each with different stories, while also making us laugh with Australian actor ***** playing the part of One Of Them.

So, watch the video, have a laugh, and then see what the Business Mentor Program might be able to offer you and your business – c’mon, become One of Us!