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We’ve created a wide range of different videos for Zeffer. The ones above were part of a recipe series to go on Facebook to give kiwi’s ideas for different ways to use Zeffer Ciders.

Instagram Animation

This animation was created as part of a new limited edition product line release. The hand and passion fruit at the beginning where created in after effects and the foil was all created in 3D.

We had a session with the talented Amber Wallace at Madisons, using all their beautiful furniture as props to create a series of cinemagraphs and stills. Cinemagraphs are essentially still images with an element in them that moves and are pretty popular on social media.

This is the cinemagraph we created for Zeffer’s famous Apple Crumble cider.

Andrew Browne

Director of Photography

Dan Browne


Amber Wallace

Food and Props Stylist

Erin Woolhouse


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