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Roughly 18 months ago we were engaged by Facebook to help tell the story of a cool little Hawke’s Bay business (making high-end cricket bats of all things!) and how they’re seeing success in reaching a global market from a regional location using the platform.

Since then we’ve made a number of other videos for Facebook profiling a range of businesses all over Aotearoa, showcasing how regional business can access much larger markets by adding Facebook and Instagram to the mix. As part of this project we’ve also been profiling some great community initiatives like She Owns It, utilising Facebook groups to connect to likeminded people from around New Zealand and even move those relationships into the offline space as well as online.

We’ve also created a range of different videos showcasing the events that Facebook and Instagram put on around NZ. Here is a selection of the business profiles we’ve created.


Dan Browne


Andrew Browne

Director of Photography

Erin Woolhouse


Michael Lloyd

Sound Design

For this one we had the mavic drone which was flying through some pretty tricky gaps. Thankfully we have some skilled Pilots at Indelible that managed to execute it like it was some kind of magical dolly shot.

The interview setups can take quite a while and this shoot was no exception. With setup time of around 1 hour to get the interviews looking natural and beautiful.

Andy is such a trooper and was carrying the Easyrig on his back for pretty much the whole day. Great way of getting an ab workout!

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